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    The Process

    The Golden Key Process is a process of heart connection with the Earth. People have journeyed to the Earth's primordial sacred space since centuries in search of answers, with a longing for love, beauty and discovering their true purpose.


    The Golden Key Process is a journey to the ancient source of wisdom and insight, to Earth, to Gaia.

    The deeply connecting process can bring strength and healing.

  • The Question

    You're stuck

    Things can't go on like this, you've known that for a long time. But where and how does the next step go? What is it all about anyway, in these uncertain times?


    You carry a question with you

    There is no obvious answer to this question. What are your main themes in life, what is your purpose? How do you relate your life to the greater whole?


    You are about to make a decision

    You cannot foresee the consequences of your decision. Rational arguments suggest one course of action, and perhaps there are contrary opinions, or there are multiple equally important ideas, obstacles and problems. In any case, you cannot come to a decision right now.


    Somewhere far away, you vaguely sense possibilities, unclear, perhaps hidden. You want to find clarity, to get a broader perspective, to see non-linear options that were not even on the table before - who could you ask for help?


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    Gaia !

    The Golden Key

  • The Journey


    The Question

    You come with your request and we help you to find your question and formulate it in such a manner that you can embark on the journey with us.


    The Gate

    Part of the process is to go into nature and discover the gate into Earth - the entry point.


    The Key

    You step through the gate and make contact with Gaia. You encounter beings, sounds, images and magic spaces. You can ask your questions and get nonlinear answers.


    The Answer

    The journey is followed by a space for reflection, where you will receive feedback and coaching from us to find out your new decisions and formulate your next steps.

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    A Travel Experience

    I travelled to Gaia on my birthday with the question:

    How do I get rid of my expectations?

    I meet a friend and advisor who I have already encountered several times during my travels. He presents me with a finely crafted wooden box. I want to open it to see what is inside, but I can't find any lock on the box. The friend says: "This is the answer to your question. You assume that there is something beautiful in it. The thing that makes you want to open the box is your expectation. When you see the content, you judge it. You find it beautiful or disappointing, boring or overwhelmingly valuable. Assumptions, expectations and judgements kill the love. Put the box in your heart and do not open it. Let go of all expectations and all assumptions of knowing what it is. You do not know what it is!"

  • A Travel Recommendation

    Space is not a problem for the energetic body, you don't have to be next to the gate, so you can do it from anywhere. This was one important insight for me. Another thing that I enjoyed a lot in the process: finding the right question. I really enjoyed that, it was different to the process I had done with Clinton in the labs, because we didn't focus so much on that, because we were many people. So I felt there was someone really assisting me in my process and finding the right question was like the preparation for the journey. Finding the right question can be like a really transformative process. I found it really amazing and I am very happy about your investigation and of you doing all this research to create the process. I felt really save and also guided. I would totally recommend the Golden Key Process to people.

    Yorgos Aenaos

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  • Your Travel Companions

    Martina-Riccarda Niklis

    Susanne Hutzler

    Possibility Management Trainers

    Coaches for transformational processes



    We build bridges into next culture.

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  • Your Contribution

    For the process (90-120 minutes), with two coaches, online or in person: 150 €

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